These are 8 things a Professional Landscaper Takes Into Account when working on the improvement of your garden and that you should look for…

When we move to a new house, we measure everything very well so we can know where our furniture will be placed. We move the sofa from one corner to the other and we shuffle everything around until it all sits perfectly in place.

But when it is time to face the garden, we usually start by planting flowers, bushes and even trees without taking into account any kind of basic planning, guiding ourselves simply by our personal taste.

That’s a big mistake! A newly planted garden can look great but problems will start to show up as the plants grow if we have not taken into consideration several very important recommendations.

And that’s what a landscaper does; he takes many different aspects into account and gives you the best options for your garden.

These are some of the most important:

1 – Important Questions.  ¿What are our expectations from this garden? ¿What will be its use? ¿What style do we like? These are essential questions for which we must have a very good and well defined answer.

2 – Weather and Soil Information. These are fundamental to decide what species can adapt to our garden, what species will need special care and what species should not be included.

3 – Garden Orientation.  It is important to know what the sun and shadow zones in our garden are so we can select the appropriate plants. This is very important to avoid making mistakes during the distribution of the different areas in our garden.

These usually are: the resting area, playing zone, orchard, pool and solarium.

4 – Water availability for irrigation. This is very important and we should preferably install an automatic irrigation system because it is much more efficient than doing it manually.

5 – Wind direction. It is important so we can consider the installation of a screen for our protection and to select wind resistant plants in the cases in which winds are very powerful.

6 – Plants growth speed and potential size. It is very often you find an overgrown garden in which plants have grown more than expected and they are all crammed and without room to live. In other cases we have literally found trees breaking through house windows.

When planting, there has to be an appropriate distance between plants, even if at first the garden looks empty. They will eventually grow.

Gardens start to look great one year after they have been completed.

7 – Time and budget we have for garden maintenance. More and more, we find clients looking for gardens that require no maintenance. This is impossible, maintenance will always be necessary, even if it is little.

8 – Budget for garden construction. Depending on the materials and structures, costs can vary greatly.