Our pergolas are typically constructed out of wood, steel or a combination of both. They add great value to the property, and are a great way to make any space look beautiful, providing not only shade, but an exceptional design to your exterior. Our professional licenced crew will make your dream house a reality.

Each of our pergolas project begins with a complete free consultation. This provides us with information of what the client is looking for and helps us in the process of drawing and planning the project.

Our installation service begins presenting a work plan involving the color, material to be used, area covered and positioning, and design of the pergola. After receiving the client´s approval, we set a date and start the building process.

We start by setting and preparing the area, then, our crew follows all the next building steps smoothly to guarantee your satisfaction. We make sure the materials used are the best ones in the market, and our goal is to give a pleasant experience to you, your family, guests or anybody interacting with the exterior of your property.