As a family-owned company, we take pride in our exceptional service quality, by uniting the best experts and using their knowledge and experience, to enhance the design and appearance of the exterior of your property.

We build, repair and provide maintenance to almost any kind of paver, including driveway, pool deck, patio and walkway pavers.

Each of our Paver Project begins with a complete free consultation. This provides us with information of what the client is looking for and helps us in the process of drawing and planning the project.

Our installation service begins presenting a work plan involving the color and type of material to be used, area covered, and design of the paver. After receiving the client´s approval, we set a date and start the building process. This consists in the preparation of the area, following by steeps developed with our crew members, such as laying down each paver stone, compacting and filling the surface, and making sure the project is completely sealed in order to finish it.

Our repairing service follows the same pattern as the installation; we visit the client in order to learn about the problem or change to be done and the working area. After making a plan and receiving the client´s approval, we start developing the process.

Our Maintenance service provides the cleaning, sealing, compaction, and root cleaning of surrounding areas. We offer a pressure cleaning service, and have a skilled and licensed team that assures a lifelong paver.