Our Irrigation service will make your gardens and grass keep shining for years. They are design to keep your beautiful plants at their best, since they are fixed to irrigate selected areas at a specific time of the day. This allows plants to take full advantage of the water. We know here in South Florida could be rainy sometimes, this is why we also offer a rain sensor, this will notice if it is raining, by the time the irrigation system should be on, and it will automatically keep it or turn it off.

Each of our Irrigation System Projects begins with a complete free consultation. This provides us with information of the client´s preferences and helps us in the process of drawing and planning the project. After receiving the client´s approval, we set a date and start the building process.

We are experts in sprinkler head placement, wiring, and engine installation and repair. We assure you a proper design and operation system that supplies water uniformly over your entire lawn without wasted.