Our Garden Design Service begins with a complete free consultation. This provides us with information of what the client is looking for and helps us in the process of drawing and planning the project.

We present a work plan involving plants, material to be used, area covered, and everything you should know about the garden design. After receiving the client´s approval, we set a date and start the garden building process.

Our garden building process normally starts with the preparation of the area, activities such as marking borders and preparing the soil.
Then our crew places every material, plant or feature smoothly in the right place, in order to create a beautiful environment. We use different kind of soil covers, and have the best plants, and garden features quality to assure you satisfaction.

We not only offer lawn gardens, but we are also pioneers in the vertical garden industry. They are to be built in a vertical structure such as walls. They are a beautiful and innovative way to add great value to residential or commercial buildings.